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roasted eel wholesale distributor

American Eel Depot (AED) is specialized in Japanese Sushi full line products importer and wholesale distributor located in Northern New Jersey in USA. AED carries top brands UNAGI, full line of Sushi seafood, top quality seafood items and variety of dry food products. We offer our customers to receive their great products with the best manufacture price of all primary sushi and seafood items from all over the world. We are the bridge between our manufacture partners and customers with values of product quality and customer satisfaction for all the major seafood and dry products.

AED is taking our product quality to every detail. AED brand Unagi is using a unique and special No-MSG sauce and private technical processing line to create the greatest quality Unagi in the industry. Uminoko brand Gold Kani has our own special percentage ingredients for its unique taste. We also have exceptional products with famous name brand like Osaki Kani, Iyoya lobster salad, Kewpie Mayonnaise, KB 23 and Hata Soda etc. We ensure the consistent quality of our products and search the global factories for the best price for our customers.

Providing all our customers with our excellent products and outstanding customer service is our highest goal. AED will make sure the quality of our products and strive to provide the finest sushi full line items to our customers. We are committed to become the bridge between the best suppliers worldwide and our finest customers by providing the premium products with the best price. We maintain the long term partner relationship and work hard for the benefit of our supplier partners and all our clients. We welcome the new partners to join us and create great future together.


Changle Pacific Food Co. Ltd is the first Chinese eel roasting factory to be certified by the US Department of Commerce “NMFS” (National Marine Fisheries Service) and joining as a member. Also, we are one of the manufacture have the green list privilege approved by FDA.

Our factory has imported the newest production and quality control equipment from Japan in order to put the food safety as our first concern. Our goal is to introduce and spread our products around the world

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