Izumidai (Tilapia)

  1. General Details

    • Size: Filet, 9-11 OZ , 22 LBS
    • Origin: Taiwan

  2. Facts

    Izumidai (Tilapia)

    Tilapia has very low levels of mercury, as they are fast-growing, lean, and short-lived, with a primarily vegetarian diet, so do not accumulate mercury found in prey. Tilapias are low in saturated fat, calories, carbohydrates, and sodium, and are a good protein source. They also contain the micronutrients phosphorus, niacin, selenium, vitamin B12, and potassium.

    Sushi grade tilapia, also known as Izumidai or Izumi-Dai, is a high quality, firm fish with a mild, clean taste perfect for sashimi and sushi applications.

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